For over 12 years we have provided umbrella payroll solutions to education, healthcare, construction and driving agencies and contractors. Our experience and knowledge of how each sector operates ensure that we understand and appreciate your working requirements.

With a dedicated team assigned to each sector, you will be supported by dedicated professionals with specific sector knowledge. Providing our service in this way, ensures that communication is fluid and processes are streamlined.


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Maddison Group has over 12 years experience providing contracting payroll solutions to healthcare, education, driving, industrial and construction professionals and recruitment agencies alike. Our objective is to be the market leading provider of umbrella payroll solutions to recruitment SMEs and contractors in the UK.

Utilised by over 300 client’s per week, our umbrella product removes the employment responsibilities associated with employing a contractor on a temporary basis. By outsourcing labour from Maddison, the administration and responsibilities of PAYE, holiday pay and other statutory deductions are managed by Maddison. Additionally, as the contractor is our employee, we assume responsibility for safeguarding the contractor with regards to HR and Health & Safety.

Broken into sector operations, our teams only support clients and contractors in their sector. Providing our service in this way, ensures that your account management is structured, fully accountable and streamlined. You have one dedicated team supporting you and one main point of contact.


Established in 2002, we have delivered a precise service in an ever-changing market. Through a deep understanding of the challenges that face SME agencies, we created our product to remove the burden, cost and crucially time involved with managing your own payroll. Our cost-effective product adds value to your bottom line and frees your time to concentrate on achieving your business objectives.

Carving a niche in our specialised sectors, we have become a leading provider of umbrella payroll solutions. Knowledge of how the driving, healthcare, education and construction markets operate and impact on your agency allows our Director’s (combined recruitment and payroll industry experience of over 40 years) to offer expert advice.


Our credit rating is classified as ‘very low risk’ by Experian, which is good news for your agency. Partnering with Maddison Group, ensures your workers will be paid, compliantly, and on time.

As we only operate a PAYE umbrella model, you remove the risk of the onshore and offshore intermediaries legislation (April 2014). We do not self-employ workers, or have any offshore employments or payments. That means there is no financial risk to you of underpaid Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions (NIC) liabilities. As a UK based employer, we ensure that your contractors employment income is subject to full UK PAYE Income Tax and NIC payments. We also ensure that your contractors receive their entitled statutory payments and benefits.


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Continuous ltd company status with a ‘very low risk’ credit rating

Umbrella company with recruitment background

Providing umbrella payroll solutions since 2002

Support over 300 agencies payrolling between 1-900 contracts every week

Over 60% of our clients have worked with us for over 10 years

Extensive experience of supporting SMEs from start-up to maturity


A 360 service, the payroll process begins again as soon the last run is completed. Roll your mouse over each weekday image to see how the process is carried out.

  • AGENCY: Your agency informs Maddison of contractors' hours and rate, relating to work completed the previous week. Once received Maddison processes the information and invoice the agency

    CONTRACTOR: Contractors complete and submit their expense forms, detailing all expenses they have incurred in the performance of their duties. The deadline for expense submissions is 5pm Tuesday.
  • AGENCY: Your assigned Customer Service Consultant will send you a payroll report. Maddison receives funds from your agency for the invoices issued earlier in the week. Our Customer Support Team is on hand to provide advice and resolve any pay queries

    CONTRACTOR: All payslips are sent via email. Our Customer Support Team is on hand to provide advice and resolve any pay queries.

  • AGENCY: Maddison check, validate and finalise pay for each contractor. The payroll is run. As soon as payroll is complete, contractors receive SMS confirmation of their net pay and their payslip is emailed to them.

    CONTRACTOR: All contractors are sent a text message confirming their Net Pay once payroll has been completed.


  • AGENCY: Your contractors receive funds into their nominated bank account All new starter information to be sent to Maddison no later than 5pm Friday ready for the payroll process to begin again on Monday.

    CONTRACTOR: Contractors receive funds into their nominated bank account.







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